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 +Here you can find a few hints on how to emulate Rightclick with a Touchscreen:
 +This Script makes the next touch to a Rightclick. You may set it to any Button on your Device, or an Icon in your WM. For this Script you need xorg-utils and expect.
 +''pacman -Sy xorg-utils expect''
 +''bash -c 'xmodmap -e "pointer = 2 1"; unbuffer xinput test Touchscreen | ( grep -q -m 1 button && kill `pidof xinput` ); xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 2"'''
 +"Touchscreen" is the Touchscreen Device Name in your xorg.conf.
 +Thanks to: PaulFertser? from #openmoko, who had the idea and helped with the Script.
 +Tslib Rightclick Emulation
 +Install xf86-input-tslib-rightclick, you might uninstall xf86-input-tslib before:
 +''pacman -R xf86-input-tslib && pacman -Sy xf86-input-tslib-rightclick''
 +Note: that this is not working yet.
 +Evtouch Rightclick
 +If you use evtouch as Touchscreen Driver its very simple. Evtouch has a Default Rightclick Gesture, which is called One-And-A-Half-Tap, which is like a double-click. See here:  http://www.conan.de/touchscreen/libtouch.html
 +See http://www.archmobile.org/trac/wiki/AM/Configuration/X for how to use evtouch as Touchscreen Driver.
 +Note:...well, guess...Yes! It's not working yet ;)
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